Jewelry By Wendy

Jewelry is meant to adorn the person that is wearing it.
It is a visual outward expression of one's personality.
I consider my jewelry  
“Wearable Art.”  
Many of my designs are “one of a kind” pieces, that are timeless.  

I love the classic look of silver and gold mixed together and
designed an entire line reflecting that.  
I also love pearls.  Pure and simple and always in style...
AND, now that I live at the beach, I have designed a
whole line Of
"Sea-Glass Jewelry".....

All of my jewelry is handcrafted entirely by me.  
I use only sterling silver and 14kt gold filled in my designs.  
All ear-wires and posts are sterling silver.  
Everything is hand polished for the perfect finish.

Be proud to wear something made by an American Craftsman.  
By doing this you are keeping a small dying breed of craftsmen going
in a time of factory-made manufacturing and low cost imports.

Please buy only from galleries, stores and artists
that sell “
American-made” art
and keep this small but prevalent population of
handmade businesses and artists alive!

I feel really blessed that I can express myself through my jewelry.  
I am proud of what I do and I love being able to
make something that will endure for years to come.

History, Art and the beauty of self-adornment….
Is that not what jewelry is really all about?

Please look around my website and check out my designs.
You may email me with any questions or comments at:, or stop in and meet me at my store
in Calabash, NC!  
Welcome to My Website
10152 Beach Drive SW, Calabash, NC
910-575-0024 store
910-398-5514 cell
Winter Hours: Tuesday- Saturday 10am- 5pm
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