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Jewelry  by Wendy
Welcome to
I LOVE MAKING JEWELRY..... I have been designing jewelry since I was a child.
From rings n' things to using the telephone wire my Dad use to bring me home from work.
degree in Jewelry design I worked in the retail end of business in a few different national jewelry
chains giving me customer service experience. Upon graduation I was hired at Schlesinger & Krauss
in NJ, a finding corporation that manufactured gold and diamond jewelry for many different jewelry
stores. This experience taught me how to make jewelry in mass production and to organize my time.
From there, I had the opportunity to work for a Master bench jeweler. He taught me the fine craft of
fixing jewelry. I learned a lot about soldering gold and stringing pearls.
I decided then and there, I never wanted to fix jewelry but to create it!

As I started my family, I began my own part-time business to supplement the family income.
I also made jewelry working from home for different silver jewelry craftsmen. This allowed me to be that
stay at home Mom that enjoyed baking cookies, coaching baseball, and raising my four children.
When the kids got older I started attending craft fairs and selling my own jewelry through galleries.

Life threw me a curve in 2001, when I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, called Neuroendocrine
Cancer, which now metastasized in 2018 into my lower intestines and liver.  With the help of my
husband Alex, family, dear friends and my faith in God I am doing well and living a full life!
Having cancer changed my whole outlook on life.
I have learned every day is a gift.
So being able to create a piece of jewelry for someone brings so much joy to me.

It was in November 2009, my husband and I relocated from upstate New York to the beautiful North
Carolina coast. October 2010, I opened a store with a friend between Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle
Beach, located on Rte. 179 (Beach Drive SW). Then the following August 2011, I opened my own store
in Calabash, NC. It is a Jewelry Store - Arts Gallery featuring over 75 talented Artists, my husband's art
work, and my jewelry. It is my dream come true!    

2018 starts my eighth year in my store, and I have seven grandkids I love to talk about!  I look forward
every year to seeing all my faithful customers that come back every season. The friendships I have
made are priceless, and I look forward to making new ones daily!  So when you are in Calabash,
please, take the time to stop in and visit the gallery. I don’t think you will be disappointed.  There is
always something for everybody at WENDY’S.