5th Annual Calabash
Plein Aire - Wet Paint Day & Craft Show
Saturday June, 9th 2018
(rain date: Sunday  June  10th)
Hosted by Jewelry By Wendy  
at the Calabash Cottages  
in Calabash,NC  

Our 5th Plein Aire Day will be this year!
This year we have extended our boundaries to give you more areas to paint.  Please let all your friends know about our show
and come out to Calabash and help us paint the town!  This year look for our show  promotion in the June/July issue of The Grand Strand
Magazine, and on the Billboard on Rt 17N & Thomasboro Road the week before the show. We heavily promote our event and Calabash.

We will again have a
Craft Show during the day, ending the day with an Art Show.
Cody Sifford will be back to entertain us for the day!  
A cash award will be presented to  the  Best Plein-Aire painting.

Hosted by: Jewelry By Wendy at 10152 Beach Drive SW, Unit #6
@ The Calabash Cottages, Calabash, NC 28467

This event is open to any artist, amateur or professional, who wishes to participate and has their own supplies and easels.  
All artists may use any medium, but must paint in the Plein-Aire tradition.

Registration Fee:
$25.00 which includes a box lunch,  RAIN DATE: Sunday, June 10th
Students may paint free grade 6-12.  No box lunch. But lunches may be ordered for $10.00 each.

Painting may begin any time after your canvas, paper, or other support material has been verified and stamped.  Only officially stamped art can be sold at the Wet Paint Sale.  
No pre-painted or pre-drawn materials are allowed.  No Maximum size requirements.   Picture must be framed at the end of the day for the sale.
Friday: Early Check In 10am- 5pm at Jewelry By Wendy
If you want to paint the sunrise of Saturday morning -  You must check in on Friday afternoon.  We work on the honor system, please limit your painting time to 4 hours total.
Saturday: Check In- starts at 8:00am at Jewelry By Wendy
Lunch - Lunch  will be picked up Saturday morning at registration.  Make sure you have a cooler with ice.
Lunch will consist of a sandwich, bag of chips, a dessert and choice of beverage. It is being made by The Calabash Garden Tea Room,owner Kathy Cody.  
Painting starts 9am - ends 1:00pm:  4 hours of painting in and around Calabash.   
A map will be given to you to help you with scope out interesting to paint. Some places are the shrimp boats down at the docks,
the Intracoastal Waterway at Devaun Park, Vereen Gardens just over the border in SC., the Calabash River,and the interesting little shop frontages in Calabash.
This year we have expanded our borders to include up to the Sunset Beach Park. That should get you started!   
If you have a chance come a day early and visit the area and find your spot!  Enjoy your day in Calabash!

Meet the Artist Wet Paint Sale 2:00 - 3pm
Set-up: 1:00pm - 1:30pm
An exhibit area will be provided for finished art work.  Artist must provide own easel for the sale.
The sale will be advertised and open to the public for 1:30pm- 3pm, at the Cottages in Calabash.
Please let everyone know about this event!  
A 10% commission will be paid to Jewelry by Wendy, if you sell your painting.  
We will have a "peoples vote" for the "Best in Show" and a cash award and ribbon will be presented.

REGISTRATION:  3 ways to register.  Registration Closes June 5th
1) ONLINE: Fill in below all your information and your credit card will be run through Wendy's store.  
2) MAIL: Fill in your email information, and address and check the box if you would rather have an application mailed to you.
3) Call the store at
910-575-0024 and we mail you an application right out.  
Your name:

Of course we all know your smart enough
to remember your paints, brushes and
But here is another helpful list of things
you might of forgot....

1.  Dress in layers  Wear neutral colors (creams or beige) rather
then white which can reflect too much light onto your painting or
bright colors
 Comfortable seat  Make sure you pack a cushion to put on
your stool or seat....if you sit  you want to be comfortable
Water  Pack lots of water.  Water to hydrate yourself, water to
clean your brushes!
Insect Repellent  Nothing ruins a day then being bugged....
Rubbish bag  for paper towels, etc...
Large Leaf Bag for emergency rain shield
Paper towels / cloth towel
8.  Baby wipes  These are helpful for cleaning up everything and
Clips / bungee cords to hold canvas to easel
Container  to hold water to rinse brushes
12. Frame to put your finished piece in for the Wet sale
Watch: This is a timed event      
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Your address:
Select which box lunch you like:

1) Turkey and Havarti on Multi grain bread

2) Ham and Swiss Cheese on Multi grain bread

3) Hummus with black olive topenada on Multi
grain bread

If you are ordering more then one Lunch
Please use the # signs
Registration and Lunch Totals:  
Please check one:
register online       mail application
Your credit card #
expiration date             3 digit code

Mailing Address: Jewelry By Wendy
                        10152 Beach Drive SW, Suite 6
                         Calabash, NC, 28467
En Plein Aire
En Plein Aire is a French word meaning "in open air."  Founded in the 19th century Europe artists painted from nature instead of from the studio.  Trusting their own vision and the world around them.  
These realists,  laid the ground work for Impressionism. Plein aire painting  forever changed how artists saw the world. The invention of the "pochade" or transportable box easel with telescopic legs with
built in paint tray and palette made trekking across the countryside easier. It has a built in sleeve to transport the canvas that closes up into the box.   

Plein Aire can be done using watercolor, oil, pastel, or pen and ink.
Painting is done on location, with the artist capturing the atmosphere of the moment.  It is a learned skill and takes time to teach your brain to think  selectively. The true test of skill of Plein Aire painting
requires complete confidence on placement of color and brush strokes in a short amount of time.  
A good example would be painting a sunset.  It lasts only 30 to 40 minutes.  Studio artists might work for hours, then stop and step back and analyze what they have painted.  Plein aire artists don't have
that time.  Their light is continually changing which effects  the shapes and colors of their landscape. So they need to become intuitive and impulsive and work quickly and enjoy the experience and just
paint and see what they create.     

Subject matter is totally up to the artist.
Remember you don't have to paint everything you see.  Be selective.  Think about the essence of the scene.  
Focus on what you see.  Consider scouting out your location in advance, if at all possible.  This way you will have an idea of what you might want to paint since your time frame is limited.  When painting
outside,dealing with spectators can be disconcerting.  Politely tell them you are sorry you can't talk to them right now that you are on a " time limit."  Try to set up your easel so people can't come up
behind you, such as against a wall or a closed doorway.  
And most of all....... Remember to enjoy yourself!